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About Bifrost

Bifrost is a piece of software that facilitates the safe and access controlled distribution of geodata, in accodance with international standards. Bifrost is the only solution on the market that makes it easy to decide who should have what type of access to your geodata set - and at the same time logs how this information is used. Bifrost solves two of the traditionally great problems of geodata solutions:

To ensure that only the right person or organisation gets access to exactly the allowed section of your geodata set

Log and store information about how exactly goedata has been utilized, and by whom

This solution is based upon 15 years of experience building geodata services based on wellknown and widely used methods, as well as the drive towards introducing rolebased access control (RBAC) to the distribution of geodata. Additionally Bifrost makes it easy to connect this access control to existing user libraries in the organisation.

Handling access for predefined roles

Bifrost makes it easy to give users finegrained access to specific parts of a geodata set based on each users role in an organisation. This could be, for instance, ensuring that employees of a particular municipality only has access to a particular part of the table, which is relevant to their function. Likewise you can choose to give access to all users from a particular organization, based upon the role of the entire organisation. You can even choose to mask parts of the data set or limit access to certain values in a table. This is relevant if, for instance, social security numbers, data on profit margins or prices should only be available to specific users.

Access for external users

Bifrost also comes into play when you want to give users outside of a particular organization, or a predefined user registry, full or restricted access to your geodata set. This is relevant in the case of a commercial service which is distributed broadly but requires users to be paying customers to gain access.

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Here is a little introduction to the basic concepts and features of Bifrost:

See how to use Bifrost in pratice, in these videos, each covering a usage scenario:

The videos can also be viewed at our youtube channel:   GEOteamwork®


See screens of the Bifrost interface, showing how different types of tasks are completed.


GEOteamwork® is concept within NorthTech, where we have collected our expertise within the fields of handling and distribution of geodata. We rely on 15 years of experience integrating enterprise IT and geodata. For instance, we base our work on a thorough knowledge of the juditial and technical aspects of of the INSPIRE program which was set in motion by the EU Commission in 2001. This effort has since played a crucial role in directing international focus to the importance of common standards for distribution and exchange of geodata in the EU. Additionally INSPIRE, in collution with more open data formats, OGC standards and the release of public sector data, has spurred many to work with geodata to an extent never seen before. This in itself has produced an increased demand for solutions that facilitate hosting, working with or distributing geodata in ways that serve specific needs.

Our expertise in standards and out cooperation with an array of authorities gives us the competences and organizational basis for building the missing pieces of existing geodata platforms. We make it possible for our customers to meet their obligations in relation to OGC/INSPIRE as well as internal needs of business strategy and service goals.


Geo-hints is a product that directly targets developers of IT-systems using geodata. Geo-hints is an online tool which makes it easy to troubleshoot geodata solutions for test or production. Geo-hints helps by giving you the coordinates for a paticular place or shape and makes it easy to instantly transform them to the projection of your choice.

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